• Accuracy: customers can expect performance in excess of 95%
  • Physical installation requires mounting the video sensor over an aisle. A power source and a network connection are also required.
  • Power requirements are 5V DC. Power can either be through a dedicated DC power supply (supplied) or via a POE (Power Over Ethernet) connection
  • All the QCount processing is performed in the sensor. There are practically zero bandwidth requirements on the network; therefore the number of QCount sensors that can reside on the same network is not restricted
  • WI-FI capabilities can come built into the sensor.
  • Recommended height to be installed: between 2.5 and 7 m.
  • Width coverage is between 1m and 7m across. This limit does depend on the practicalities of the ceiling height.
  • QCount is built around highly successful technology. Thousands QCOunt units have already been deployed. The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is 100,000 hours