A common use for QCount is as a people counter to monitor foot-traffic to and from a shopping center of mall. With QCount, you can monitor all the entrances or exits from your shopping center. A count of people walking through each door is available immediately online, and you can generate reports at any time.

Measure the potential of your shopping center

People are a key factor in measuring the potential of your shopping center. Using QCount you can keep a count of the total numbers of people visiting. You can also analyze the times during the day and the days that you get the most visitors.

Determine the effectiveness of your advertising

It is often difficult for a shopping center to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. It is generally difficult to report on consolidated sales data across all stores, so measuring visitor numbers is the best approach to determining the effectiveness of a campaign.
Using the built in reports you can easily view graphs and tables which show the change in visitor trends before and after advertising.

Directional counting and occupancy

QCount determines the direction of the people entering or leaving the Mall, and shows the occupancy of the shopping center at any time.