Counting People

Using QCount as a people counter at the entrance to your library can give you a valuable insight into the times and volumes of people arriving and leaving. This information provides important data which can be used to determine how effective your library is at attracting people.

You can't just rely on the volume of books or items that are borrowed because there will always be a portion of your visitors who do not borrow items. These days libraries are not just about lending books. QCount can give you an accurate record of people which is a better indication of usage. You can also compare visitor numbers with other data you collect such as borrowing levels to see how well you are servicing the needs of your visitors.

In some cases funding for a facility is allocated based on usage. If this applies, then it is very important that you have a people counter to give you accurate numbers of people using your facility.

Staff Rosters

Because QCount stores visitor numbers as well as the times of day they visited, you can use the data to determine the weekdays and times you are busy. This information can be used to adjust your staff rosters so you have the appropriate staff to service your visitors at any time.


QCount shows the direction of the people entering or exiting the library, and lets you see the total head-count of people in the library at any time.